My rockbox build...

Here you can find my personal experimental rockbox build for Iriver H3XX mp3 players.             Last update: 2008-07-13

The following patches are included:

FS#4733 - Multifont
FS#8400 - Backlightfilter (Only SELECT lits up the backlight when activated)
                 "First Buttonpress Enables Backlight Only" must be set to "Yes" to make the Backlightfilter working
FS#5855 - Pong Upgrades
FS#5555 - Record Button Configuration
FS#8806 - MikMOD, MOD, S3M, IT, XM player New 2008-05-22
FS#8934 - Colourful flashlight                        New 2008-05-22
FS#5697 - bmp resize patch                          New 2008-05-30
FS#7814 - Enable H300, X5 and M5 RTC Alarm
                  A friend of mine friend helped me to sync this patch to svn again, my H340 is finally able to wake me up in                   the morning, thanks!

To get RTC alarm working you need an updated bootloader I compiled from svn.
This bootloader isn't officially approved, use it at your own risk.
However, I can at least assure that it won't brick your player.
Starting into the original firmware works fine and you can go back to the old bootloader if you have any problems.
I've provided MD5 checksums for the bootloader files, this way you can verify your downloads using an MD5
generator like ChaosMD5 for example.


Bootloader - Includes original firmware 1.29E - MD5 Checksum: BBC11F9B366E353AB325E53889894AA3
                     (Copy H300.hex to the root of your player and select Firmware Upgrade in the original firmware)

- Bootloader compiled from SVN REV. 17607 - Includes original firmware 1.31K
                    MD5 Checksum: 758CD41CC971C274C328C2A7414E297B                                   New 2008-05-25

Rockbox 2008-07-13 - Includes patches, fonts, DGT-Infinity custom theme
Rockbox REV. 18013


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