First of all, to think up a name for my page was really difficult. I'm still not quite satisfied with it. At least I found some sort of common ground for the content. Since music, the sound in a movie and even the colors of a picture can be visualized in a graph, I simply named it Frequencies :)
And that's what it's all about--in the music section you can download some of my Fruity Loops songs and read something about my experience with different styles of music. Then there's the project section with some pictures and background info of my little bedroom cinema. Finally, I've uploaded some pictures which might be interesting.
This page is mainly intended for friends at the moment, so don't expect to see big things happen here in the next
time ;-)

Here's a brief description of myself:
I was born on 13 July, 1986, in Neuss. At the moment I live in Hennef.
In summer 2007 I finished school. At the moment I train as an 'Informatikkaufmann' at Deutsche Welle.
My interests? Look at this page ;)

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